Solanus Guild

The purpose of the Fr. Solanus Guild is to:

  • keep alive the inspiring memory of Fr. Solanus;
  • bring knowledge of his exemplary life to others;
  • archive information about his life and work;
  • provide prayer, support, and office services to the Vice Postulator for the Cause of Solanus Casey.

The Guild was born on May 8, 1960 when a group of Fr. Solanus’ friends met to discuss organizing a guild in his memory. On July 31, 1960 the Guild held its first General Meeting after the 3rd Anniversary Mass to commemorate Fr. Solanus’ death. Organized with the approval of the Capuchin Provinical Superiors, a Board of Officers was elected. Soon many friends of Fr. Solanus asked to join. Today, over 100,000 members span 43 countries.