Capuchin Retreat

Located on 95 park-like acres of gentle meadows and quiet woodland in Macomb County, Michigan, Capuchin Retreat is a Catholic Franciscan spirituality and retreat center which will renew your peace of mind.

We are rooted in the Spirit of the Franciscan tradition of hospitality, simplicity and the Gospel. We seek, in a retreat of any form, to see beyond the surface of our everyday life with all its highs and lows. Extracting ourselves from this daily routine, we enter into an atmosphere of solitude and peace. We take the time to see and feel the presence of our God below the surface of our daily movement and find God in the 95 acres of nature, the quiet of the chapel or our room and the nourishment of the sacraments and the scriptures. We need to take the time to see our life with a new or renewed perspective. We are called to challenge our own priorities. We plan for our future with God as a more intimate player in our daily life.