Middle East

Since the 1950’s the friars of the Province have served foreign workers in a Middle Eastern country which does not officially allow churches or the public practice of Christianity. We provide pastoral ministry in a parish setting even though we do not have a church building. We celebrate the sacraments in homes, rented halls and in certain international schools.

Our parishioners come from every continent in the world. About 90% of our parishioners are from the Philippines and South Asia, especially India.  Many of these Asian workers have had to leave their spouses and children in their home countries to acquire a job in the Middle East.  Latinos from various Latin American countries form our next largest group of parishioners.

Our Capuchin community here is international.  In addition to the three Americans currently serving from our Province, we have three Indian friars in our local fraternity. Our parishioners here find support in our Capuchin life and ministry to be faithful disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ and witness their faith, although in a discreet and respectful way, to people of many different religious backgrounds and especially to Muslims here in the heart of Islam.