Montana Native American Reservations

The Capuchins who serve as pastors also have a role in the Catholic schools on the Montana Native American reservations. Some teach religion classes during the year and participate in summer Bible school camps etc. Capuchins have taught full-time in the schools in the past and in the coming year a friar will be teaching at the Pretty Eagle Catholic Academy at St. Xavier. There are roles for Capuchins as campus ministers in the St. Labre Catholic School system that serves the Northern Cheyenne and Crow reservations. This ministry of education is really centered in evangelization. The children influence the entire family.  At this time, the presence of a Capuchin community at St. Katharine (Drexel) Friary in Crow Agency is a hopeful sign to the Native American people of our commitment to Native American ministry in a way that is supportive of our own Capuchin community life.