Higher Education

When people think of religious and higher education, they probably think of the Jesuits or the Dominicans. However, Franciscans in general and Capuchins in particular contribute a great deal to higher education. American Capuchins teach a variety of disciplines, including theology, philosophy, liturgy, preaching, history, pastoral theology, Franciscanism and comparative literature.

These outstanding scholars have taught at the Franciscan School of Theology (formerly in Berkeley CA), Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, the University of Wisconsin and Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee. American Capuchins have taught at the Gregorianum and Antonianum in Rome. They also provide lectures and workshops, and are visiting professors all over the world.

Since American Capuchins don’t have any colleges or universities of their own, our talented teachers, scholars and authors are free to study areas of their interest and in institutions that allow them to use their knowledge for the good of the Church and the world. Capable new Capuchins are always welcomed to be educated to their ability and in a wide variety of disciplines.

Catholic Theological Union