Trusting God


My name is Zac Angel. I am from Clarkston, MI, a suburb of Detroit. I studied at Loyola University Chicago, the last two years in seminary for the Archdiocese of Chicago. While studying, I also volunteered in different places within Chicago and became more exposed to the needs of others and people who lived very different lives than I did, even within the same city. I also recognized this growing up in Clarkston, which bordered Pontiac, MI and not too far from Detroit. Both cities became places where people were abandoned and segregated because of racism and an immoral economic system. I also learned how to organize with different people and appreciate solidarity as a means to work on bettering our community. 

These experiences helped me answer the call to serve and begin at the seminary for Chicago as my vocation became clearer there. I wanted to remain in Chicago to live out what God has called me to do. I was also beginning a parallel process of discerning with Fr. Bill Hugo about Capuchin life. Over the next two years in seminary, I began to meet more friars and be exposed to their way of living and work in ministry. Eventually when I was preparing to graduate I was given the graces to trust God and overcome my fears of leaving Chicago and going to places I was unfamiliar with by applying for postulancy with the St. Joseph Province. I have now been assigned to the Benedict Center in Milwaukee where I work with women who have been in the criminal justice system. I have also been assigned one day of the week to visit home-bound parishioners of St. Martin De Porres Parish with Fr. Biju.