The Wound VAC and Lent

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Ss. Perpetua & Felicity

Isaiah 65:17-21

I recently had to spend another nine days in the hospital for the treatment of a post-surgical infection.  In addition to antibiotics, another element of my care upon discharge has been the use of what’s called a wound VAC.  As the name suggests, it’s a device that uses negative pressure to clean a wound of the bad stuff and promote the formation of new tissue through a process called granulation.  The cleaning of the wound and the attachment of the device bring some discomfort, and the fact that one is attached to it 24/7 adds an element of inconvenience.  But it works!

Lent could be thought of as the wound VAC of our liturgical year. Our prayer, fasting and works of charity and justice are intended to clean our wounded souls and replace the bacteria of vice with the firmer and healthier tissue of virtue.  They may cause some discomfort and inconvenience, but they work if we let them. 

Speaking through Isaiah, God promises to create “a new heaven and a new earth.”  The season of Lent gives us the opportunity to allow God to create a new people to live there.—JC