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Ordinary Miracles

Wednesday in the Octave of Easter Acts 3:1-10; Luke 24:13-35 One of the things that struck me upon returning to Chicago after 17 years is how many more people seem to be begging or panhandling at intersections, freeway ramps, etc.  Some carry a cardboard sign noting that they’re homeless or a veteran, and others carry an empty soda cup for whatever “spare change” people will offer.  Many, with hands extended and plaintive looks on their faces, just wander precariously in between cars impatiently rumbling for the light to turn green.  Those signs, cups and faces are not very different from...

Selma's Now

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday If he were still alive, Dr. King would now be 86 years old and undoubtedly joining in the various events commemorating the epic march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama that is now at the core of the semi-historical but powerful movie, Selma.  We are blessed that a number of the participants in that pilgrimage for justice and freedom, many of whom were just teens or young adults in 1965, remain with us to share their own powerful witness. Incidents in Missouri, New York, Cleveland and elsewhere, along with their aftermath, and many statistical measures of...

Brother David's Mid-Year Ministry Update

Hey everybody. Here's my new Vlog with an update on my Ministry with 8th Day Center for Justice. Hope you like it.Peace and GoodDavid(The picture is me with my co-ministers at 8th Day Center at our Christmas party.)

Trash is Beautiful?: Ecology, Franciscanism, and Slavoj Zizek

"Hans-Jürgen Schult’s, known as HA Schult is a conceptual artist who often uses trash to create his art. In 1996 he created an art installation titled Trash People where he constructed one thousand life size ‘people’ made from crushed cans, electronic waste and other refuse from human consumption." This AP picture was taken outside the Cathedral in Cologne, Germany.(picture and quoted part of caption from morning I watched The Examined Life, a film featuring philosophers such as Cornel West, Judith Butler, Slavoj Zizek and Avital Ronell and others. Here's the IMDB...

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