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other people's funerals

    It has now been over six months at the novitiate.     What are the possible symptoms of such a prolonged stay in the realm of contemplation?     One might very well acquire an outlook of prayer, gentleness, and silence. Perhaps half of a year of novitiate could transform an ordinary young man into a saintly friar. Maybe this is when friars can start preaching to birds.          To be honest, it hasn’t gone totally according to that plan. As it turns out, six months at the novitiate...

a spirituality of bingo

It’s 10:07 AM on a balmy Friday morning in Southern California. The air in the colorless multi-purpose room is tense, yet sedentary...and a little bit stinky. “B,” faces begin to scrunch up, necks begin to pivot frantically, eyes race up and down the fatefully-laminated columns on the narrow dining table, “14.” A moment of dish-shuffling, chip-clicking, and frustrated groans. “Is this straight bingo or cover-all?” asks the pleasant little lady from North Dakota. “Cover-all,” answers the lanky young man in a sweat-dampened Franciscan habit. “Well, then I guess I have...

Capuchin Franciscan Novitiate: A Day in the Life

In the midst of a busy and anxious world, young men are still answering the counter-cultural call to Catholic religious life. The novitiate is the second year of formation as a Capuchin Franciscan friar, and its primary task is discernment & contemplation. This is a short, homemade documentary of one day at the Capuchin novitiate in Santa Ynez, CA. In addition to activities depicted in the video, novices also have the opportunity to engage in various ministries in the Santa Barbara area. ARE YOU CALLED? Inquire today!

the little cross

Today, we had a silent day of recollection at the novitiate. At one point, we were told to go out and meditate on the crucified Christ (a very Franciscan subject). So, I went out and sat on the road with my rosary's cross to pray and reflect. I faced the East, towards the vale. As I looked out across the fields, I couldn't help but be struck with awe at the beauty of this place. But one particular trait of this vista captivated me: its sheer immensity. The deep, downward curves of the earth laid a golden...

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