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Sources of Strength in Times of Struggle

St. Elizabeth of Hungary Revelation 1:1-4, 2:1-5 In the first reading for today’s Mass, the author of the Book of Revelation affirms the church of Ephesus for their hard work, endurance and discernment; but he also observes that they have “lost the love” they once had.  In his 2013 apostolic exhortation Evangelii Gaudium, Pope Francis similarly describes a “pastoral acedia,” a “tense, burdensome, dissatisfying and, in the end unbearable fatigue” that can sometimes overcome pastoral workers (82).  He notes that this can be caused by any number of things, including unrealistic expectations, impatience, over-identification with particular projects, and worldly dreams of ...

Walking with the People of God

Recently I was asked, “What ministry do you see yourself doing in the future?” I have often mused on this question. Most of the time I come to the same conclusion. I am willing to do anything that I am asked to do, or go to wherever there is a need in the province. Now, this is perhaps the textbook answer for any young friar, but in my heart of hearts I truly believe this response. I did not join the Capuchins to find a career; I joined the Capuchins to be a servant. That being said, it would be...

Detroit Capuchin Ministries to Help Discerners of a Capuchin Vocation

It looks like fifteen or so inquirers and candidates will descend on Capuchin Detroit the weekend of October 26-28th. By van, car, bus, and airplane, we'll arrive at St. Bonaventure Monastery in time for Friday supper, where the local friars will welcome us into their home and invite us to share in their joy as Capuchins. The purpose of this weekend is to acquaint ourselves with the diverse Capuchin ministries in Metro-Detroit. Ministry is only one part of being a Capuchin, but an important part. That's why we devote this entire weekend to learning about and experiencing those ministries. ...

Brother David's Mid-Year Ministry Update

Hey everybody. Here's my new Vlog with an update on my Ministry with 8th Day Center for Justice. Hope you like it.Peace and GoodDavid(The picture is me with my co-ministers at 8th Day Center at our Christmas party.)

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