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Choices and Consequences

Thursday After Ash Wednesday Deuteronomy 30:15-20; Luke 9:22-25 Most of the choices we make are relatively mundane and so are their consequences. My decision to have oatmeal vs. Cheerios® for breakfast this morning will not likely make the headlines. Some choices seem mundane at first but quickly turn out not to be.  If I casually check my side view mirror and shift a lane in traffic but fail to account for the “blind spot” in the mirror, I may cause an accident.  Still other choices seem of big consequence at the time we make them but turn out not to...

Ramadan, Rama-Don’t!

July 9, 2014 For the past several weeks, I have been blessed with the opportunity to minister at one of our Capuchin parishes in the General Custody of Arabia, which covers the Gulf States of the Middle East. (For security reasons, I won’t identify the country.) The parishes minister to the many expatriates (“ex-pats”) who work here and come from a broad array of countries, including India, the Philippines, Ireland, Nigeria, and the USA. One of the blessings of any visit to a mission is the opportunity to learn more about the culture(s) of the country or region in which...

Exile and Opportunity

March 17, 2014 St. Patrick Daniel 9:4b-10 Most of us readily associate “exile” with loss, pain, loneliness and humiliation. But the lives of Daniel and St. Patrick remind us that it can also mean something else: opportunity. Daniel’s words in today’s first reading are those of confession and lament. He had come to understand that the exile of the people of Israel to Babylon was not only a tragedy but also a consequence their infidelity to God and the covenant God had made with their ancestor, Abraham. Relying on God’s goodness and compassion, he hoped that they would be...

Bro David's Lenten Reflection Series

Hi Everybody, Check out the video Introduction to my Lenten reflection series. Peace and Good Bro David See Bro David's posts on the Midwest Capuchin Franciscan Vocation Office Facebook page.  

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