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Tap Into Life Podcast Episode 1

Check out our recent podcast episode! Get to know the Chicago Friars as they tell you about their journey, including the pitfalls, to become Capuchins. Welcome to Tap Into Life podcast, Episode 1 from Chicago. Introducing Br. MJ Groark and Br. Vito Martinez, repping South Side! Get to know the Chicago Friars as they tell you about their journey, including the pitfalls, to become Capuchins. View "Called: The Postulant" View "Called: The Friar" Have questions? Want to say hello? Email us at:

Called to Be the “Scum of the Earth”

Saturday of the 22nd Week in Ordinary Time 1 Corinthians 4:6b-15 We sometimes forget that the term “scum of the earth” has apostolic roots.  As St. Paul noted, we who follow a crucified Savior will necessarily risk persecution, denigration, ridicule and other suffering ourselves.  Some of it will come as the consequences of our own weaknesses, mistakes and sins; and some of it will happen because of our fidelity. As disciples of Jesus in the spirit of St. Francis our place is in the midst of that suffering and sin, seeking in some way to be instruments of God’s grace,...

Where Are You From?

"Where are you from?" is a big question the Sunday readings during advent seek to answer. But really, underneath it all, these readings are trying to asnwer the question, "Who are you?" Along with that goes the further question, "Who are we?" Geneologies are one way to approach these questions, and the Gospels of Matthew and Luke approach that in a traditional way that leads to different answers. Kind David is a central figure in Jesus' geneology found in Matthew. So it answers the Jesus question by saying Jesus is Christ the King fulfilling God's promise that David's kingdom will...

Explore the Roots of Franciscan Spirituality- March 2-4

What makes Franciscans and Capuchins, who are Franciscans, different?This is the question most discerners seek to answer sooner or later. It's key for any authentic response to a God-given call to explore Franciscan life.The next Midwest Capuchin Vocation Weekend seeks to answer that question by exploring the root-Franciscan metaphor of sister-brotherhood. While Francis seldom uses the Latin word fraternitas (fraternity or sister-brotherhood) in his writings, both his writings and his legends are replete with a dynamic living witness of intimate relationship centered in God the Creator and the person of Jesus.In fact, Francis uses the metaphor of...

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