Right Alignment

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St. Ignatius of Antioch

Romans 1:16-25; Luke 11:37-45

While working out this morning I listened to a TED Radio Hour podcast entitled, “Manipulation.”  It was about how easily we can fool ourselves or allow others to fool us into believing fake news or false memories or to believe that we must check or use our electronic devices to stay “connected” when in fact we may be becoming more socially isolated and inept.

Now more than ever I need to be grounded, as St. Paul suggests, in the reality of God, life as it is and who I really am, “warts and all.”  Like the Pharisee who criticizes Jesus for not following the proper rituals, I can sometimes be more concerned with outward appearances than the condition of my heart and soul. I can do the right thing for the wrong reasons and the wrong thing with the best of intentions.  To align my values, motives, words and actions takes prayer, discernment, honesty, humility, practice…and the grace of God. –JC