New Come-and-See mixes Capuchin Milwaukee Ministries with Celebrations

The Midwest Capuchin Vocation Office is offering a new opportunity for inquirers and candidates. In past summers, the only discernment-events were the celebrations of Capuchin jubilees, First Profession of Vows, and Perpetual Profession. All three celebrations focused on our Franciscan commitments, new and lasting. This summer, we are combining two of these traditional celebrations with an overnight in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to visit Capuchin ministries, the largest Franciscan presence in the city. Let's start with the dates and agenda. Thursday, July 17th: Participants gather at St. Conrad Friary, which is the home of the Midwest Capuchin Postulancy Program. We start with a late afternoon Eucharist with the local Capuchin-Franciscan community, moving on to supper and hanging out for the evening as we get to know each other. Friday morning, July 18th, we'll run around to visit the famous Capuchin House of Peace (HOP), a community center in one of the poorest parts of the city. It runs a food package program and distributes clothing. Marquette University Law School partners with the Capuchins to offer a legal clinic, and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee partners on a women's health clinic. Both programs bring vital services to poor people who otherwise would likely not enjoy them. We'll next visit St. Benedict's Community Meal, which offers a hot meal to 400-800 people each night. This program is unique in that it links parish, ecumenical and inter-religious groups who buy, prepare and serve the food with people in need who are our guests for the night. We'll also make a quick visit to the beautiful St. Francis of Assisi Parish, the oldest Capuchin ministry in Milwaukee. After lunch on Friday, we'll make the short one hour drive north to St. Lawrence Seminary and Friary in Mount Calvary, Wisconsin where the Capuchins and their friends and family members will celebrate the 50th, 60th, 65th, and 70th anniversaries of the jubilarians' professions as Capuchins. The next morning, we will witness our current novices profess vows for the first time. It's a great juxtaposition of celebrations! After lunch, our event concludes. Inquirers who wish to attend need to have an interview with Vocation Director Fr. Bill Hugo. So be sure to contact him early enough to do that. (313) 595-2182 or It also helps for inquirers hoping to attend to complete an online inquiry form. You can find that form here.