Journey With Men in Their Discernment

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“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things” Saint (Mother) Teresa of Calcutta

Together we can do great things!  In so many ways that sums up our life as Lesser Brothers in the world.  We do what little we can, but when we do it together (with God’s grace) we can accomplish great things for the sake of the Gospel! This is also the joy I want to share in this blog today, doing great things together as two brothers have been assigned to work with me in the Capuchin Vocation Office:  Br Jason Graves and Br Robert Wotpyka.  They should both be already familiar faces since they occupy a lot of space on the Capuchin Vocation Office website and social media pages. 

Besides appearing along with me on the contact page of the website, Br Jason can also be found on the “Men in Formation”, having recently professed perpetual vows and been ordained to the deaconate.  You’ll find plenty of pictures of those joyous celebrations in August as we gather on two consecutive days in Detroit to celebrate the profession of solemn perpetual vows of Br Jason and Br Fred and then the Ordination to the deaconate of Br Jason.  Br Jason is ministering, primarily, as a deacon at Saint Francis of Assisi and Saint Benedict the Moor Parishes in Milwaukee, WI.  Some of you are already familiar with him in his work with the Vocation Office these past several years while he was completing his formation. He will be joining me as assistant vocation director and will become a very familiar voice and face to our inquirers and candidates as he works closely with them in their discernment. 

Br Jason was not alone on August 6 as he was ordained by our Capuchin brother Bishop David Zywiec, as at the same celebration Br Robert was ordained a priest.  You’ll Br Robert and Br Jason pictured in the accompanying photo along with Bishop David and our Provincial Minister, Br Michael, taken shortly after the ordination celebration in a packed chapel at St Bonaventure Monastery.  Br Robert will continue his ministry at Saint Charles and Nativity Parishes in Detroit as Parochial Vicar, and will also continue as an assisting priest at Saint Ambrose Parish.  Br Robert will be a regional vocation director, assisting in particular with candidates from the Michigan area. 

I have also taken on another role as Director of Post-Novitiate formation in Chicago.  While I continue to hold down the fort in the Vocation Office at Saint Agnes Friary in Chicago, I’ll also be accompanying our brothers in temporary vows as they continue the Capuchin formation and discernment and work on their studies for ministry formation.  I happily welcome these brothers into this ministry of our Province and Order.  They will bring an enthusiasm, vitality, and their own experiences of our Capuchin life and ministry to allow us to do great things together as we journey with men in their discernment of our life.

Thanks brothers!