Explore the Roots of Franciscan Spirituality- March 2-4

What makes Franciscans and Capuchins, who are Franciscans, different?

This is the question most discerners seek to answer sooner or later. It's key for any authentic response to a God-given call to explore Franciscan life.

The next Midwest Capuchin Vocation Weekend seeks to answer that question by exploring the root-Franciscan metaphor of sister-brotherhood. While Francis seldom uses the Latin word fraternitas (fraternity or sister-brotherhood) in his writings, both his writings and his legends are replete with a dynamic living witness of intimate relationship centered in God the Creator and the person of Jesus.

In fact, Francis uses the metaphor of sister-brotherhood in two ways. One explores how all of creation is tied together with moral consequences because of our common source in a common creator. Francis' The Canticle of the Creatures is his most famous celebration of this relationship.

Francis also uses the metaphor to explore our sister-brotherhood in Christ, where, through our baptism, we share in the very life of God through poverty and humility in service to the desire of God the Father. This service to the desire of the same father puts us all in relationship to one another, but most especially with Jesus, whose incarnation is the greatest example of this characteristic of divine life.

Participants in this weekend will not be running around to experience as many Capuchin ministries as possible, as they do in some other weekends. Rather, they will spend a more reflective and casual time with the friars in Chicago, exploring the spirituality that supports their life.

March 2-4, 2012
Starts with supper and ends with Sunday brunch
St. Clare Friary in Chicago

As always, prior registration is required. New inquirers need to have an interview with a Capuchin vocation director before attending. Contact Fr. Bill Hugo at 313-595-2182 (cell) or WilliamHugo1253@gmail.com 

Image by Bro. Michael Gaffney, OFM Cap.