Discovering Postulancy 2017

2016-10-15 20.10.26

As we are rapidly approaching the New Year, we are also rapidly approaching the annual Discovering Postulancy event in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Taking place this year from January 1-5, 2017, this unique event gives candidates and inquirers the chance to experience Postulancy first-hand, to get a taste of what Capuchin formation is really like. Postulancy is the first formal stage of formation for Capuchin Franciscans, and for the Province of St. Joseph, this program takes place at St. Conrad Friary in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Friars-in-formation spend roughly nine months taking classes in-house, learning about a variety of topics, including the history of the Franciscan movement and the Capuchin Order, Church history, and the life of St. Francis. Friars-in-formation also participate in ministry daily, learning what it means to work among the community as a Capuchin. For more information on the states of initial formation, please take a look at our “Becoming a Capuchin” page.

During this event, candidates and inquirers are invited to attend classes with the Postulants, in order to experience what kind of topics the Postulants are covering. They will also attend ministry with the various Postulants, in order to see what Capuchin ministry looks like at this stage of formation. Candidates and inquirers also are invited to participate in the life of the St. Conrad community. In short, visitors are invited to shadow the Postulants, to learn more about what their lives are like. They are free to ask questions, or simply to observe, all the while discerning if this is the appropriate “next step” in their discernment journey. Discovering Postulancy concludes with a visit to our Capuchin-adminstered Seminary High School, St. Lawrence Seminary, in Mt. Calvary, Wisconsin.


If you are interested in attending this important and immersive discernment event, please contact Br. Steve Kropp, the Vocation Director for the Capuchin Province of St. Joseph. You can contact him by phone at (313) 378-3802, by email at, or, if you haven’t already, fill out our Initial Inquiry Form. We hope to see you there!