Called: The Friar

Mj 5 years later

This newest installment was filmed during the summer of 2015, and shows what friars in formation can look forward to. While the first movie had a lot of shock value due to the focus on my conversion, and more importantly God’s mercy, this second movie stands to show how I have integrated that part of my life into being a young friar, and how conversion is an ongoing process.

I am so humbled to share this next installment of our “Called” project that began about eight years ago! This newest film is titled “Called: The Friar,” and serves to highlight my response to God’s grace in religious formation since being a postulant.

Since filming the first movie, I have been totally humbled and surprised by how many people have seen it all across the country. I receive regular emails from parents who have seen it and received a bit of hope for their children who are lost in the world. I have heard from young men and women who saw it and it helped propel them towards a vocation in the church.

Whatever the case may be, I tell everyone the same thing, “It’s all about God’s mercy!” I pray that this second movie will serve to highlight less about me, per se, but more about the life of a young friar who is attempting to stumble along in the footsteps of St. Francis and Jesus.