Blog Posts from January, 2018

Taking Offense

Gospel St. John Bosco Mark 6:1-6 Mark’s gospel says it with brutal simplicity:  “They took offense at him.” The people of Jesus rejected him and his message. Why? They thought they knew him. They knew his family. They knew what kind of work he had. They had seen him grow up. But this Jesus who came back to them was different. He did not conform to his expectations. Sometimes we can also reject Jesus because it does not fit our expectations, desires or demands. Our political allegiances can be stronger than our faith in the gospel.

A Larger and Tighter Circle

Flower-of-life-61circles St. Marianne Cope (USA) Mark 3:31-35 We live in circles of relationships:  family, friends, school, work, sports team, happy hour, etc.  Some of these circles intersect, some are tangential and others are completely separate from one another.  We are born into some circles, while others are more voluntary.  One of our major tasks in life is learning how to move and negotiate between them, especially if one or the other makes a primary or exclusive claim on us. We live in an age when the more traditional definitions or understandings of family are increasingly challenged, sometimes

Holiness loves the Other

Pope I have had the privilege of meeting at least a few people who I would consider to be very "holy" in the classical sense of the term. There is a striking commonality to the experience of being with these people. This commonality is that it is always a joy to talk to them! There is a reason for this: holy people are able to look beyond themselves. The focus of conversation with a holy person is rarely on that person themself, and more often  that not it is focused on you. They are well-trained in the school

Hunger and Need

Immaculate conception church, farm street, london, uk - diliff St. Berard & Companions, Protomartyrs Mark 2:18-22 The law of the Sabbath was intended to give people a day of rest and a time worship God, our Creator and the ultimate source of all of our blessings.  But it’s hard to rest if you’re hungry, and it can be difficult to turn your mind to God when it is overwhelmed with other human needs.  Jesus, fully human and fully divine, understood this in a way that his religious critics could not.  For many families these days Sundays, the traditional Christian