Blog Posts from September, 2017

Rebuilding and Redefinition

Earthquake-1665898 1280 Ss. Cosmos & Damian Ezra 6:7-8, 12b, 14-20; Luke 8:19-21   Today’s readings are all about two tasks that occupy us throughout our lives:  rebuilding and redefinition.  Sometimes these processes are dramatic but often they are more mundane.  In our passage from the Book of Ezra the people of Israel, with the great support of the kings of Persia (centered in present-day Iran) who ruled over their territory, completed and celebrated the rebuilding of their temple in Jerusalem and also rebuilt the corps of those who ministered there. This new temple was rebuilt on the

Episode 38 Tap Into Life

Img 8185 Fr. Tom and Br. Nick discuss this past summer's service opportunities in Detroit at the Capuchin Soup Kitchen and at the Solanus Casey Center's Healing Service. Also, Fr. Tom and Br. Nick reflect the importance of listening to others. Please click here to listen Please rate and review us on Apple Podcasts and Google Play, this helps other listeners find the podcast. Have questions or a suggestion for a topic for the friars? Email us: Visit us on Facebook!

Maintaining Custody

Footsteps-732128 1280 St. Januarius Psalm 101:1-6   As human beings and therefore imperfect people—i.e. sinners—none of us can walk with a completely blameless heart.  I certainly can’t.  But I can strive to be a person of integrity:  to live the faith I profess and to walk in the footsteps of Jesus in the spirit of St. Francis.  These first verses of Psalm 101 give me some practical ways to be a person of integrity:  be careful of what I watch and read; guard my tongue against slander (or even gossip for

Exaltation of the Holy Cross

9 Exaltation of the Holy Cross Numbers 21:4-9; Philippians 2:6-11; John 3:13-17 We look at the cross and we remember how much Jesus suffered.  It is a natural reaction, because the cross was an instrument of humiliation, torture and execution.  It is a sign of pain. Yet our scriptures today invite us to see the cross as something more:  a sign of love, particularly God’s love for us and for the world.  When God had Moses mount a bronze serpent on a pole, he gave his people a way out of their suffering.  It