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C2e2 2014 contest - iron patriot (13922167000) St. Mark, Evangelist   1 Peter 5:5b-14; Mark 16:15-20 This past weekend Chicago was invaded by a host of people dressed as superheroes, anti-heroes and fantasy creatures of various kinds for the annual Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo or C2E2.  It was their opportunity to “geek out” and be with others who are part of the popular subculture of comic books, graphic novels, online gaming, movies, etc.  It’s big business:  a three-day advance purchase pass cost $80 and an autographed photo with a favorite star could set you back $50-$75…and that&rsquo

Holding On and Letting Go

Ivanov yav hrista mari1 Tuesday in the Octave of Easter John 20:11-18 It’s seems a little insensitive if not cruel for Jesus to tell Mary Magdalene “Stop holding on to me.”  After all, only moments before their encounter she had been weeping over his death and the disappearance of his body from the tomb.  Unlike almost all of the Twelve, she had followed him to Calvary and stood at the foot of cross as he was executed.  She was the one who had gone to the tomb while it was still dark and had seen the stone

Tap Into Life Episode 12 - Chicago

17388811 1493826457296619 4568547026980018866 o Listen to our recent podcast episode!    What is the deal with Relics anyway? Join Br. MJ and Br. Vito as they discuss venerating and blessings with Relics. Have questions? Email us at:   Want to join Fr. Tom at his monthly Young Adult (18-35) event? Get the details:   Follow the Tap Into Life Podcast on Facebook:   Want to join Fr. Tom on his pilgrimage to Rome and Assisi?

A Different Kind of Revolution

Martin luther king jr st paul campus u mn Tuesday of Holy Week We’ve become accustomed to think of revolutionaries in violent terms, with bombs in their hands, bandoliers across their chests and provocative slogans on their lips.  But the lives of people as diverse as the Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Dorothy Day, Harriet Tubman and Rachel Carson (the author of the environmental classic Silent Spring) and of course Jesus remind us that nonviolent revolutionaries—moved by love, a passion for justice and a devotion to liberating those who are heavily burdened and oppressed—can be even more powerful.  Yet