Blog Posts from December, 2016

The Christmas Spirit

Screen shot 2016-12-29 at 8.04.12 am Feast of the Holy Innocents Matthew 2:13-18   If you’ve had to do any kind of shopping or have listened to any radio station over the past couple of days, it’s pretty evident that many folks have “moved on” from Christmas.  Stores have deeply discounted their holiday merchandise.  Christmas candy (now on sale!) has been replaced by the various heart-shaped treats for Valentine’s Day.  Yesterday I even saw a rack of swimming trunks! In some ways, it can also seem as if the Church almost as quickly “moves

“How can this be?”

Henry ossawa tanner - the annunciation Advent Weekday Luke 1:26-38 We can only imagine the flood of thoughts and emotions that were going through the mind of a young woman when she was visited by an angel and told that the Lord had chosen her of all those in history to be the mother of his Son.  Luke’s account of the Annunciation suggests at least two:  fear and confusion.  She was “deeply troubled” at what Gabriel told her and had trouble understanding what being “full of grace” and having the Lord with her really meant.  Further,

Nothing Will be Impossible for God

4557429589 62aeaba526 b I sit down to write this having just returned from Mass at the Missionary of Charity Convent on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  The Gospel reading for Mass today (one of two choices) was the Annunciation, which was read now for the second time in a few days and will be heard again soon!  As I reflect on the Our Lady of Guadalupe, I am struck by one line of the Gospel in particular, that I think speaks volumes about what this Feast truly means: “Nothing will be impossible for God”. It's only

St. Nicholas’ Greatest Gift to Us

Nick St. Nicholas How does one become the patron saint of children, bankers, pawn brokers, sailors, perfumers, brides, unmarried women, sailors, dock workers, travelers, brewers, poets and prisoners?  It doesn’t hurt to be the subject of many legends, as St. Nicholas surely was.  In one such story, he upheld the human dignity of three young women and saved them from a life of prostitution when, on successive nights, he dropped a bag of gold on the window sill of their home so that their father would be able to provide a dowry for each