Blog Posts from August, 2016

Address at St. Paul’s Academy’s Independence Day Celebration

49 Me, giving my address, to the assembly. As the chief guest at St. Paul’s Academy’s 2016 Independence Day Celebration, I was asked to give an address to the teachers and students. If you haven’t read my blog post about Independence Day yet, I highly suggest you read it before reading this post. I was asked to speak about the non-violent message of Mahatma Gandhi and its relevance in the world today. I was both honored and humbled to give this address, even if it also provoked a certain level of nerves. I spent quite a

Speaking Truth to the Powerless

Mother theresa final copy (Photo Credit: Br. Vince Reyes)  Martyrdom of St. John the Baptism   Today we remember the witness of St. John the Baptist, who gave his life in fidelity to his call to prepare God’s people for the coming of the Messiah by preaching repentance.  It was a message that John proclaimed to all without distinction.  Just like the prophets of earlier generations, he was willing to accept the consequences of his mission, even to the point of death at the hands of a prideful and impulsive tyrant. On Sunday in Rome the Church will celebrate

Independence Day

44 15 August marks Indian Independence Day, the day that India was finally granted independence from British Rule. All across the country school children attend special programs where dance competitions are held and candy is given out. Adults will often have the day off work, or those who do have to work are often treated to a variety of sweets. Television programing takes on a very patriotic tone, and the colors of the Indian flag, officially deep saffron, white, and Indian green, can be seen everywhere. Children often put together cultural dances, telling the story of the nearly 200 year struggle for Indian

Renewing Vows

50 Fr. Skylark receiving my vows Every year, around the month of August, those of us who are in temporary vows and intend to continue discerning a Capuchin Vocation are invited to renew their vows for another year. I myself have done this several times. The renewal takes place in Milwaukee, at a reception that is also held to welcome the incoming Postulant class. This year, however, as I am still in India, I am unable to join the rest of my Brothers in Milwaukee for the annual renewal of vows. Because of this, Fr. Michael Sullivan, the Provincial Minister for