Blog Posts from April, 2016

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Fork in the road Over the past week, I have been somewhat removed from the ‘outside world’ with my fellow postulants in a little town called Pickerel, Wisconsin. We have been given this time to write our final self-evaluations. These self-evaluations at the end of our postulancy period are necessary in order for the formation team (and ourselves) to better discern if we are prepared for the next period of Capuchin integration known as “novitiate”. My self-evaluation was rather comprehensive and focused on the core areas of growth in my life (personal, spiritual, communal, etc). I don’t need

A Day to Celebrate and a Call to Service and Brotherhood

Ordinandi from behind altar copy Thursday of the 5th Week of Easter This Saturday, April 30 two of our Capuchin brothers, Tien Dinh and Tom Nguyen, will be ordained priests at the St. Lawrence Seminary Chapel.  Tien and Tom are SLS alumni, and they will receive this sacrament at the hands of another alumnus, the Most Rev. David Zywiec, a friar who currently serves as Auxiliary Bishop for the Apostolic Vicariate of Bluefields, Nicaragua. These presbyteral ordinations are notable for several reasons.  Tom and Tien are the first two Vietnamese friars in our province to be ordained priests, just as they were the first

What Amoris Laetitia Can Teach Us about Dialog

Wedding rings The primary focus of Pope Francis’ recently published apostolic letter Amoris Laetitia (The Joy of Love) is marriage and family life along with the Church’s pastoral responses to the many challenges faced by couples and families today.  However, many elements can be more broadly applied to other areas of life in the Church.  For example, following a beautiful and very practical exegesis on St. Paul’s beautiful discourse on love in 1 Corinthians 13 (89-119), Pope Francis discusses the various dimensions of conjugal (married) love (120-141).  Within the latter are some reflections on the importance

Doorways of Encounter, Holiness and Service

Reliquienschrein heiliger konrad von parzham St. Conrad of Parzham Today we celebrate the memory of our Capuchin brother St. Conrad of Parzham, who lived and served in Germany during the turbulent 19th century.  At the age of 31, after several failed attempts to enter religious life, he was allowed to join the Capuchins, initially as a tertiary or “third order” brother.  He was subsequently welcomed into the novitiate.  He survived a difficult year and, following perpetual vows, became the porter St. Ann Friary and the shrine of Mary, Mother of Mercy in Altötting in 1852.  It would be the