A digital link to the cave experience in novitiate

Novices visit Old Mission Santa Inés,
administered by the Capuchins.
Since I'll be writing about novitiate I thought I would introduce you to the topic by letting you know where the novitiate is located. See the map at the bottom of the post!

I am trying to aim my focus on what to write about in the following year. I began by asking myself "if I were an inquirer to the Capuchins, what would I want to know about novitiate?" I came up with the following list:

 -          The novitiate grounds
 -          The novices
 -          Prayer at the novitiate (both communal and personal)
 -          The novitiate program
 o   The novitiate timeline
 o   The novitiate daily schedule
 o   Where we (novices) go throughout the year
 -          The type of ministries novices do
 -          What a typical novice does and does not have (cell phones? Facebook? iPod?)

Staying in my hypothetical inquirer character, I also would not just want to hear the point of view of just one novice. To answer that objection I’ll try to interview the other novices (there are 21 other novices to hear from!) and relay their input to you.

Like many people my age, if a post in a blog is too long I’ll just skim through the text and not actually read all of it. To ensure that I have your attention I’ll keep my posts media rich with videos, sound-clips, images, maps, and links.

If you have any questions about novitiate then direct them to the comment box. You know that I'll reply!

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