The Postulancy Program lasts for one year at St. Conrad Friary in Milwuakee. It is the first full-time, residential program for someone entering the Capuchin Order.

Postulants spend 20 hours a week in ministry with the poor. Shelters for the homeless, soup kitchens, nursing homes, programs for battered women, educational opportunities for children in poverty are just a few examples. Another 20 hours are spent receiving input, reflecting together on experiences, or studying privately. Input during postulancy includes the life and writings of St. Francis of Assisi, basic catechesis in the Catholic faith, Liturgy of the Hours and community prayer, Eucharist, and social analysis and theological reflection on experiences with the poor.

The province treats postulants as members of the Capuchin Order, even though they have not professed vows. The Capuchins assume financial responsibility for members at this point for as long as they remain in formation and in the Capuchin Order. With successful completion of the year, postulants move into a year of novitiate.