Post-novitiate begins with the profession of temporary ["first"] vows. In this time of post-novitiate formation, a Capuchin friar lives what he has learned through postulancy and novitiate. It is an extended time of prayer, reflection, and final decision-making prior to professing perpetual [lifelong] vows. Most men in post-novitiate formation use this time to further prepare themselves for ministry, including priesthood.

During this time, post-novices live in Chicago while attending school. Because we are not diocesan priests, each friar looks at their individual gifts and talents, and pursues an education that can best benefit the Order, the Church, and the community at large. This is also a time for exploring the other cultures in preparation for ministry. Whether it’s learning another language, spending an extended period of time in a different community, or bringing one’s own culture into the Capuchins, the ability to explore other cultures enriches the Order while preparing post-novices to work in various settings.

With the completion of each year of post-novitiate formation, a friar renews his temporary vows for another year. This process of renewal continues for anywhere between three and six years until a friar is ready to commit himself to live the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience for the rest of his life [in "perpetual vows"].