Men who are interested in the Capuchin Order take the time to learn about Capuchins, meet friars, and visit Capuchin ministries. Vocation directors are available for guidance and assistance in this process of inquiry. During this time, candidates are active in volunteer ministry and spiritual direction to help them discern the life to which God is calling them.

Candidacy has a residential and non-residential form. The non-residential program allows candidates to live, work, and study in whatever place they wish. They participate in scheduled weekends at various sites throughout the Province of St. Joseph [Upper Midwest United States] to become more acquainted with Capuchins, their way of life, and their ministries. A person can be a candidate anywhere from several months to several years.

There are two opportunities to be a residential Capuchin candidate. The first is the Capuchin College Program designed for young men within two years of having graduated from high school. To learn more about this program, click on “Capuchin College Program” to the right. Men more than two years past high school graduation begin their candidacy as non-residents. If after some time they desire to get a more inside look at the Capuchins, they can arrange to live in a Capuchin community and volunteer in a Capuchin ministry. This opportunity is often used by men seriously thinking of applying to the next postulancy class and desiring more experience to assist in making that decision.

When a candidate feels more certain about his desire to become a Capuchin, he makes formal application to enter the Postulancy Program.